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February 18, 2012 / conservadox

another wacky quick shabbos dinner

I was originally planning to spend this shabbos in my hometown (a few hundred miles from the small city where I lived for several years before moving to nyc). But due to a stupid mistake that I don’t feel like discussing, I missed a flight. Since I was already cutting it pretty close shabbos-wise, I got the airline to let me trade in for another weekend rather than taking a later flight. So I only had a couple of hours to create dinner. Fortunately I have plenty of stuff at home, and made* the following:

whole wheat cheese ravioli
(surprisingly good!)
molokhia with green curry sauce (Brand name of sauce is Natural Earth Products-
black beans with biryani sauce
various empanadas- I filled one each with molokhia, strawberry preserves, dark chocolate and black beans
strawberry hamantash (brand name is Lior- definitely better than most brands)
WhoNu imitation oreos (
chocolate covered apricots

*Or more precisely cooked since most of it was packaged or canned even if I added some sauces


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