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March 11, 2012 / conservadox

Shabbos dinner (and lunch)

In honor (or should I say dishonor) of the golden calf fiasco in this week’s Torah portion-

Beef dumplings (the calf part) with mustard and a little honey (to turn the yellow into gold) on top

Pastrami with same

And because the Torah portion mentions the milk/meat prohibition:

Beef dumplings seethed in soy milk (kind of fell apart a bit)

Beef dumplings grilled with parve mozzarella cheese (turned out nicely!)

Pastrami seethed in soy milk

Pastrami grilled in parve mozzarella.Cheese (turned out nicely)

[note- i tried to limit fat content through portion control; just one small pack of pastrami, four or five dumplings]

And also
Italian plums (or that’s what grocery store called it- really just miniature plums)

Satay molokhia (molokhia mixed in with satay sauce from a Asian restaurant in Manhattan) (couldn’t taste the satay so didn’t work out so well)


Rice chips


Hamantashen (Lior’s is the best brand if you can find it, but its pretty rare)

Choc wafer


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