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March 17, 2012 / conservadox

shabbos dinner – pomegranate night

This week’s Torah portion points out that the High Priest’s robe included pomegranates made out of fabric (Exodus 39;24-25) and that the cups of the menorah were almond-shaped (37:18).  So naturally I had to have a little of both. 


Although pomegranates themselves are out of season, there is plenty of food containing pomegranate juice etc. out there, so I used it (I suppose I could have just bought pomegranate juice).   Basically, I bought pomegranate popsicles and yogurt and made stuff with that. So I had:


Pomegranate flounder (broiled flounder with melted pomegranate popsicles used as sauce)

Pomegranate spinach (same principle)

Pomegranate bananas (ditto)

Black beans w/pomegranate yogurt



Almond-crusted tilapia

Plus a bit of fruit (avocado, blackberries)

Plus pomegranate-flavored water

A fragment of a chocolate bar 

Next week home with brother, sister in law etc so no menus for me. 


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