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April 1, 2012 / conservadox

a very simple shabbos dinner

Normally before Pesach, I eat all the chametz in my house rather than storing it and selling it (I still do a sale but there’s mostly for stuff I just don’t want to clean).

This year I am going out of town to visit family (since i now work for a Jewish institution that gives me all 8 days off), but since I am pretty much drawn down on my food anyhow I figured I would see if I could finish it all.

So I put all my spices and sauces (some sort of tagine spice,some sort of bread crumb spice, green curry, mustard, ketchup, soy) in a crockpot along with spinach and a lamb chop (why lamb?  becuase its Shabbat Hagadol and our ancestors ate lamb for the big sacrifice).

The lamb was ok but the spinach turned out too spicy thanks to the tagine spice, which I definitely will not buy again!

I also tried to make pancakes out of what was left of my red velvet cake mix (because I have meat frying pans but my main oven is dairy); this works with some cake mixes but not others.  The red velvet cake mix burned too easily for it to work.   I had some nice sweet crumbs but not quite as much cake as I’d hoped (though i made up for it at shul the next day).

On a more positive note…



some sort of thin bukharan pastry that isn’t sweet w/o sugar


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