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April 21, 2012 / conservadox

Shabbos dinner

I combined two themes:

1.  Persian- There are a bunch of kosher Persian restaurants in an NYC suburb so i went to a couple of them, and had:

eggplant stew with rice and beef

and a kind of yellow split peas stew with a hard rice crust

2.  Yom Hashoah- how do you make a theme meal out of Yom Hashoah? Well, I thought of bread and water, but that wouldn’t really be very shabbos-y.  And Nazi colors would be too ghoulish (though I have to admit there’s something to be said for symbolically eating Hitler).  I decided to get some yellow foods (as in the yellow “Jewish star” that Jews were forced to wear not just in Nazi Germany but at various other nasty points in history), so yellow apples, bananas, and a risotto with egg and corn (i thought the risotto itself would be yellow but it wasn’t- I think I needed to add something I didn’t have lying around).  

For dessert I had cake icing (Pesach leftover) mixed with bananas because I’d neglected to get any desserts while I was shopping.


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