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April 29, 2012 / conservadox

a Yom Haatzmut themed shabbos dinner (i.e lots of Israel oriented stuff)

Israeli salad (avocado instead of pepper, and minced onion because I was too lazy to chop a whole onion)

Home made falafel- fried in olive oil was pretty good.  I also baked a couple of balls which were too bland– maybe needed more salt?

Veg kibbe (made in Israel)

Israeli made hummus (couldn’t tell you the brand, its all in Hebrew)- definitely better than most US made! 

Salmon cakes- mediocre, too much wheat too little salmon

Israeli made Gum

low-everything ice cream (Perry’s, a surprisingly good brand)

everything was with whole wheat flour which frankly created some intestinal results that were a bit too much of a good thing!  Let’s just say I was regular plus! 


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