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May 1, 2012 / conservadox

Speaking of dating (and plastic surgery!)

I’ve been meaning to comment about something that I thought was pretty wacky: someone named Yitta Halberstam (who apparently writes inspirational books) wrote an article on the Jewish Press endorsing  makeup and even plastic surgery for frum girls, on the theory that they need to be more attractive in order to line up mates.   The article has been beaten up on by people far more in touch with her (frum) world than I.

But there was one thing in the article that didn’t get beaten up on enough.  She writes that her work was inspired by an event in which girls were introduced not to young men, but to their mothers. 

Now, I can’t really judge this element of Jewish society for giving parents first crack at dates (as out of my experience as that is).  I think there is a legitimate argument to be made that parents can judge a personality more intelligently than children.

But why does Ms. Halberstam think a parent can judge what their son will consider attractive?  I certainly wouldn’t expect my mother and I to agree! 

Perhaps these girls should wear makeup for a date with a boy.  But makeup for a date with the boy’s mother seems a little more above and beyond the call of duty to me.


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