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May 3, 2012 / conservadox

Dvar Torah part 2- the Kedoshim half

I was reading Nachmanides on Kedoshim and found something I liked.  Lev. 19:17 refers to rebuking another so “thou shalt not hate [him/her] in thy heart.”  Some people might think of this (and for all I know, do think of it) as an invitation to busybodydom. 

Bu Nachmanides has a sensible interpretation: “do not hate your brother in your heart when he does something to you against your will, but instead you are to reprove him, saying ‘ Why did you do this to me’?  and you will not bear sin because of him by covering up your hatred … for when you will reprove him, he will justify himself before you [so that you will have no cause to hate him] or he will regret his action and admit his sin, and you will forgive him.” 

In other words, if the other person does something to you, reprove him not to show off your own virtue but because then you give him a chance to justify himself.



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