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May 8, 2012 / conservadox

Genesis 3- an imaginative reconstruction (with Nachmanides’s help)

In his commentary to Lev. 23:40 (which states that we should take “the fruit of goodly trees”, aka an etrog, during Succot) Nachmanides states that the etrog is the fruit from which Adam and Eve sinned, because they saw that the forbidden tree of knowledge “was good for food” (Gen. 3:6)- something that (to Nachmanides) sounds like “goodly trees.”  

Given the rather odd taste of the etrog, I can only imagine what really might have happened between Hashem and Eve: 

Hashem: “You have disobeyed me, and you’ll be punished.  By the way, how’d that fruit taste?”

Eve: “Yuck.”

Hashem: “The snake wasn’t lying- you’ve gained some wisdom already- that etrogs taste like [dirty word of your choice].  Here’s a little more wisdom for you: you’re mortal.”

Adam and Eve: “Double yuck.’


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