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June 2, 2012 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

Last week’s parsha has two interesting (to me) discussions: one of the Sotah (who has an offering made of barley) and one on the Nazirite (who can’t eat grapes).  In addition it comes right after Shavout (where I normally eat lots of blintzes, but didn’t because I was staying with relatives who don’t like them very much).  So I had blintzes plus barley plus grapes.  In particular


Grapes of course

Barley bread

Pumpkin pancakes made with barley flour

Salmon cakes ditto

Cheese blintzes


PLUS: pink rice (not that good, alas)

Peruvian corn puffs (kosher but also not that good)

An avocado

Lentils w/Chinese garlic sauce (very good)


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