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August 6, 2012 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Ekev

In the context of his discussion of Deut. 7:15 (“and the eternal shall take away all sickness”) Nachmanides mentions another statement of the Torah (“thine eye shall not pity them”, 7:16, referring to idol worshippers) and then adds “through pity of the judges all law will be destroyed.”  He seems to be expanding this concept from wars against foreigners to domestic order, reminding us that Judaism (at least in its original version) is a law-and-order religion.

I would like to think that Judaism has maintained a nice balance between this view and more lenient views.  By contrast, Christians tend to be the most intolerant rules (see, e.g. the Inquisition) but also the most soft-on-crime liberals (see generally mainline Protestantism in recent decades) both of which, in my view, lead to bad results.  Of course, its a lot easier to strike this balance when your team isn’t really responsible for ruling a country (as Jews were not between the death of Herod and 1948).


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