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August 19, 2012 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

This week’s portion includes most of the dietary laws, including the “no mixing meat/milk” rule.  So naturally I decided to honor it by mixing fake/parve milk (almond) and meat. In particular:

lamb sandwich grilled in almond milk

kifta kabob (beef) sandwich with Shiataki green pasta and almond milk

also: samsa and beef noodle soup (Bukharan dishes) from nearby restaurant (mostly Israeli but they happen to have some Bukharan dishes which are better than the Israeli ones; the real Bukharan places are kosher but have dubious heckshers so I don’t bring that food home; even though I don’t feel like inviting someone from my main shul to my apt, you never know).

red cabbage (and also some corn, chickpeas, misc peppers)

grilled chicken

green figs


almond pudding


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