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September 27, 2012 / conservadox

are conservatives (political, that is) capable of teshuva?

Obviously yes in the personal realm.  Whether you are a loony leftist or a John Bircher, you can in good consicence say Al Chet for gossip, greed etc.

But what about in the political realm?  I have noticed that my right-wing friends consistently brush away unfavorable news as propaganda from the “liberal media.”  And the right-wing media (such as Fox and the Wall Street Journal) will never acknowledge that right-wing politicians are at fault for much of anything (especially not when they are still in office).

So as a result, conservatives will rarely become aware of situations where their team seriously messed up.  For example, George W. Bush was President from 2001 to 2009, and had a supine Congress until 2006.  If ever a President deserved to be accountable for what went wrong on his watch, it was Bush.  And yet many conservatives have all manner of excuses for why Bush was not to blame for the financial crisis.  It was all Jimmy Carter’s fault or Bill Clinton’s or Barney Frank’s.  (And I realize that the roots of the speculative bubble did arise in some pre-2001 events- but even if Bush merely failed to notice these problems or to put political muscle behind solving them, he was still liable for sins of omission in my view).

In short, conservatives really have a great deal of difficulty admitting that the people they voted for messed up.

Are liberals any better?  If you read the New York Times (I suspect, the most popular form of “liberal media” since cable news has emasculated the viewership of ABC, CBS and NBC)* you will see Paul Krugman attacking Obama for wimpiness and wishy-washiness day in and day out.  So I don’t think liberals are quite as bad in this regard.  (Not that s0me liberals aren’t complete loons in other ways, but that’s another conversation…)

*I’m not sure they are anywhere near as partisan as the Times. But then again, I haven’t seen their news product in years.


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