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January 6, 2013 / conservadox

shabbos lunch

Am back in NYC.  Since I ate in a neighborhood shul Friday night I thought I would have a special lunch instead.

Last week’s portion pledges a “land of milk and honey.”  (Exodus 3:17)So I had kefir (cultured milk yogurt) with date honey- a bit tart for my taste.

Also there is now kefir yogurt; I had what purported to be dulce le leche kefir yogurt but even more tart for my taste.

The Haftorah compares the northern kihngdom of Ephraim to figs (Isaiah 28:4).  So I had some dried figs as well- nice but I wish I had had time to get fresh ones (which you can get at NYC on sidewalk stands sometimes, but not so often at grocery stores).

I also had jarred 3akycoh eggplant/tomato fix (very good), and jarred seaweed salad (interesting,not bad).



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