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January 9, 2013 / conservadox

Thinking about looks

Frumsatire has a post about why looks are really, really important in dating, even in the world of Orthodox shidduchim.

I was inspired to look at the list of women I’ve dated and see how much looks mattered.  Answer: a lot but its not everything.

Of the women I’ve dated since moving to NYC, and of the subset that I wasn’t interested in (as opposed to situations where not dating further was the woman’s idea), I ruled the woman out on looks alone about half the time, and on personality alone maybe 10-15 percent of the time.  In the middle 40 percent, I was wishy-washy about looks (that is, I wasn’t super duper enthused about a woman’s looks nor did I dislike her looks so much I ruled her out on that basis alone), and personality broke the tie.


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