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January 12, 2013 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

This week I went to the Upper West Side and used Talia’s new buffet- they are starting a pre-shabbos buffet from 11-3 am so you can go and get your (meat) dinner piece by piece.  They charge by the ounce.

Because this week’s portion mentions the Passover lamb sacrifice, I got salmon and tilapia (in honor of the fish who died in the Nile, Exodus 7:18),  lamb shanks and tagine, eggplant, moussaka, zucchini and onions stuffed with rice, a bit of chicken,rice.  All good, but expensive- I ate most of it Friday and a little of it Saturday (and have no post shabbos leftovers) and spent $45.

And because the Egyptians’ barley and flax were ruined in one of the plagues (9:31) I had bread with barley for challah (multigrain rolls, don’t recommend) and  oatmeal with flax (not bad when mixed with dark chocolate!)

And chocolate coins and freeze dried raspberries (too tart) for dessert, just because.


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