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March 17, 2013 / conservadox

Torah comes to life

Last week’s Torah portion states that when “a person, without knowing it, sins” (Lev. 5:17).  Because this language sounds much like Lev. 4:27, the rabbis interpreted it to mean something different- that someone didn’t know whether he sinned but wanted to cover himself just in case.

Ironically, I had a situation just like this ; I think I may have trefed up my crockpot (long story), and wound up throwing out about half my shabbos dinner, but am awaiting rabbinic confirmation before I throw it out.

Fortunately, I had decided my stew wasn’t quite enough and had gone shopping Friday morning to get a little.  So I had a tiny bit of fish (red snapper), plus sweet potato latkes, hummus, french toast, and a box of mackerel. (all Kosher Marketplace).  Not the classiest dinner I’d ever had, but it was enough.

I’m leaving town for Pesach but my house will probably be free of any real chametz anyhow (leaving aside inadvertent goofs).


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