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May 5, 2013 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

Grapes (because the Torah portion begins by mentioning grapes; I don’t like grapes enough to be super-creative about them) and a pear

sweet potatoes sauteed in olive oil (good- and I always thought I didn’t like sweet potatoes!)

baked black beans and romaine lettuce (combined!) swirled together with a little mustard and ketchup.  (After some bad news at work i felt like I needed comfort food, so I combined the comfort of mustard and ketchup with the health of black beans and salad).

an attempt at arepas, but with seminola flour.  (Basically I made semolina pancakes, sauteed them in fake lo fat butter, and made little sandwiches with cottage cheese, black beans, lox- they were OK but I suspect real version with corn meal is better; I just happened to have semolina flour lying around and wanted to get rid of it)

vanilla/semolina pancakes with little bits of chocolate inside (same dish as last week but with bits of a choc bar to make it even more delicious!) 



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