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August 17, 2013 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

This is my first shabbos at home in a month or so.  Because this week’s Torah portion contains a few food related references I am structuring my meal around that to some extent.

The portion says that if you see a mother bird with her eggs, you only take the eggs (Deut. 22:6-7).  So I decided to have eggs:

1.  Scrambled eggs with new korma sauce I bought (nice but spiny)

2.  A less spicy lox omelet- and since the portion also says “when you beat down the fruit of your olive trees, do not go over them again [but give them to the stranger, widow etc] (Deut. 24:20) I pan fried it in olive oil.

(I suppose I could have gotten chicken instead of lox, but that somehow seems contrary to the spirit of the mitzvah if not the letter; more importantly I trefed up my meat pan in the spring, and need to get a new one).

The portion mentions that when you enter another man’s vineyard, you can eat some of his grapes (Deut. 23:25) so I decided to have some grapes.

Also, for no particular reason:

1. Lychees

2.  Fresh black figs

3.  Sugarfree oreos (turned out badly)

4.  Some sort of weird ice cream substitute called Wink (ditto)

5.  seitan gyro (not bad,not great)


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