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October 19, 2013 / conservadox

A really lousy argument for being frum

I was at a shul (not my regular shul to the extent I have one) and the rabbi was talking about how we should be proud Jews and everyone would respect us more if we were more visibly observant, or something like that.  

It is true that non-Jews generally seem to get along well with frum Jews- but they also like non-observant Jews too.  In fact, they like non-observant Jews so much that they have the nasty (from the Jewish continuity standpoint) habit of marrying them!

What makes the argument even more ridiculous is that 10 minutes earlier he was complaining that in certain parts of Europe Jews feel scared to walk around with yarmulkes because of Muslim anti-Semitism.  But if non-Jews respect us more for being more visibly Jewish, they would only beat up the Jews without yarmulkes (if they could identify them!)



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