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October 26, 2013 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

In this week’s Torah portion, Abraham’s servant gives Rebecca and her family lots of gold (Gen. 24:22).  So I decided to have lots of “golden” (i.e orange and yellow, which are the closest approximations) food.  In particular-


Potato latkes

Cheese blintzes from Seasons (definitely better than frozen, though probably fattier)

Pumpkin pancakes (a savory one with whole wheat and a sweet one with cake flour- sweet one much better despite being burned)

Creamsicle ice cream (ice cream mixed with orange soda)

A kosher/veg version of chili frito pie (kosher corn chips, seitan sausage, cheese, chickpeas with swiss chard) (NOTE: this would have  been better had I used soy beef instead of sausage- oh well, better luck next time)

Soy chicken patties

Grouper w/mustard (for no reason, just because it was there)

fresh peaches



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