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November 27, 2013 / conservadox

For once I am thankful!

I started Hanukah in a glum mood.  Between my increased workload, rumors of layoffs at work, and having to take my annual Hanukah trip in an obnoxiously busy travel weekend, I was beginning to feel that life was good only in relative terms (compared, say, to that of people who have already lost their jobs, never had good jobs to begin with, or lived in the Third World). 

Then I looked at my travel schedule and was even more displeased.  I am flying home to parents etc (because flights aren’t ridiculously costly on Thanksgiving Day itself) but taking Greyhound back (because I can’t stay till the travel hoopla blows over, for work related reasons).  So originally I bought a bus ticket Monday to come back Tuesday morning (I have to be back in NYC Tuesday noonish or so).

But then I looked at my schedule and realized- horrors- that I would be unable to light Chanukah candles Monday, since I was leaving too early to light and getting back after dawn Tuesday!  I felt really stupid. 

But thought maybe Greyhound would let me switch tickets, but probably only for a lot of money given the timing.  After 20 minutes in line, I suggested a change I wanted- and got it for only $20.  Hurrah!

Now I am leaving Sunday night (but late enough that I can light at parents’house) and returning Monday (so I can light Monday night in NYC!).  Yay! 


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