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December 14, 2013 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Shmot

The portion mentions that “Every Hebrew woman should ask for articles of silver and gold, as well as clothing, from their neighbors.” (Exodus 3:22).  But why would the Egyptians agree to this?  Is this good will a miracle?  Scharfstein notes that according to 15th c. commentator Abarbanel, when the Hebrews leave Egypt “they will have many things that are too heavy and bulky to take” (presumably furniture and the like).  So it makes sense that the Egyptians would pay them for these items.  (I may have similar issues if I ever leave NYC; I have some pretty heavy and bulky items that aren’t worth the cost to move!) 

Why do the Hebrews even have Egyptian neighbors in the first place?  Black slaves in America lived in slave quarters; they didn’t necessarily have white neighbors.  Evidently, the Hebrews were less cut off and isolated than those slaves. 



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