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January 5, 2014 / conservadox

My strange shabbos dinner

After spending two weeks with my parents this was my first shabbos dinner at home in a while.  Because I was at an academic conference most of the day, I arrived home only an hour before shabbos, and reheated what I had made at home a couple of days earlier.

And because I didn’t really have time to shop after getting back to NYC, I just made some things I had lying around, for an unusual but not very good shabbos dinner.

The centerpiece of my meal was adzuki bean spaghetti; this basically isn’t very good, though with canned salmon and enormous quantities of mongolian beef sauce it was somewhat edible.

Also, I bought a box of curried rice (I think it was labelled “Punjab something”) which I don’t recommend either.

Also, some relatives left behind a box of oatmeal with I mixed with cottage cheese for mildly satisfactory results.

Finally, I added fortune cookies and Hershey’s kisses for dessert, which of course were more satisfactory.

Next week will be better! 


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