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January 25, 2014 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

This week’s Torah portion repeatedly mentions sheep (see, e.g. Exodus 21:37 re stealing sheep, 22:8 re borrowing sheep) so I had lamb.  (I used lamb stew bones because I just wanted a token amount rather than to gorge myself).

Since the portion contains the roots of the milk/meat prohibition (23:19) I also sautéed the lamb in soy milk, and made it a stew by adding chickpeas.

In addition, I found some other interesting things lying around:

Vegan shrimp and fish (sautéed with Mongolian beef sauce and tomatoes) (not that good- shrimp was too bland, fish was kind of icky)

Rose hip jam- added to wheat flour to make pancake (surprisingly good)

Cashew cream ice cream (better than almond milk, definitely not as good as real thing)

A can of sardines (because I didn’t make enough of the above and got hungry)

Since the portion also mentions the mitzvah of eating matzoh in Pesach, and I didn’t want to run around trying to find a full box of matzoh just for this week, I tried to make homemade matzoh- I put flour and water in the oven for 18 minutes.  (However, it did rise a little so I’m not sure it really counts as halachically appropriate matzo).


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