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February 1, 2014 / conservadox

38 going on 39

I just saw a cute parody of “sixteen going on seventeen” and I thought I would adapt it to my dating in NYC: 

Listen, young lady you are that age

When all your friends have children

You’ll be the only one

Who’s be barren

Till in the next world you turn one million


You are 38 going on 39

Baby its time to think

Better be aware, be fearful and careful

Baby you’re on the brink


You are 38 going on 39

Soon you won’t have a chance

Prettier girls all over the world

Die barren even if they have romance


Totally alone are you

In a world short of Jewish men

Lonely and sad and scared are you

This chance won’t come again


You need someone older and wiser

Who might be interested in you

I am 50 going on 51

But I’ll go out again with you

(not, of course, that I would actually say this to anyone!) 


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