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February 22, 2014 / conservadox

Shabbos dinner

Last week’s Torah portion mentions that the Tabernacle had a goats’-hair cover  (Exodus 36:14) so I decided to do something with goat cheese.  I decided to make goat cheese pancakes- a little bland even with tomato sauce.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it again but if I did I’d add something sugary.

The portion also mentions the Tabernacle’s gold rings (36:34) and blue, purple and scarlet wool partition (36:35).   So I decided to make some blue, purple, scarlet and gold food.  In particular:

I added sweet potato fries (gold, sort of) to a salad.  Also

red and orange fruit (apples, oranges, peaches)

corn bread with cheese and black beans (also gold sort of, plus it was lying around in the freezer; this was prepackaged not homemade unlike the pancakes- I tepidly recommend it)

a couple of waffles (no reason, just lying around)

matjes herring (again, something red) with onions

blue and purple M&Ms

blue and pink cotton candy


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