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March 1, 2014 / conservadox

shabbos lunch

I went to someone’s apt for shabbos dinner but ate lunch at home (really, a mini-lunch after a big kiddush).

Because this week’s portion was a repeat of last week’s my meal was pretty similar, with one exception: the portion mentions that priests should wear woolen pomegrantes (Exodus 38:24) so I had pomegranate yogurt (why not the fruit?  Couldn’t find one near me, probably out of season).

Also the colors mentioned in the portion ( blue, purple, scarlet, gold )- blueberries, shallots, nectarines, sweet potato fries (with honey to have a double serving of gold!)

I had forgotten in past weeks that the portion mentions silver as well (38:28)- so I had sardines at home (and herring at the shul kiddush as well, which are actually more obviously gray since my sardines were the skinless and boneless kind)

Also, a chocolate coin I left on the heater (just to have something warm- my cholent substitute!)


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