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May 31, 2014 / conservadox

shabbos lunch

Was invited to friend’s house Friday night, so I rescheduled my food into Sat morning lunch.

Because the sotah ritual involves a barley offering, I had a barley themed meal.  I boiled barley together with manti (Uzbek beef dumplings) – quite good, because the presence of the barley caused the dumpling dough to become pancake-like instead of just disintegrating as they might otherwise do, and the beef made the barley less bland than it would normally be.

I also had zserbo (a fruity Hungarian cake) from a kosher bakery in Fresh Meadows.  I put it on top of the lamp before shabbos, so i guess you can say it was my cholent (in the sense of being something warm for shabbos)!  And a banana, just because it was there.


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