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June 9, 2014 / conservadox

shabbat dinner (and Shavout)

Last week’s portion mentioned the Pesach Sheni sacrifice (Numb. 9:11)* so I had matzoh.  In addition, the portion mentions that some Jews complained about the absence of the fish, melons, leeks, onions, garlic and cucumbers they had in Egypt (11:5).

As it happened, I was out of town at a conference so I couldn’t have a nice cooked shabbos meal (at least not without missing even more of the conference than I was already missing due to Shabbos). 

So my fish was canned salmon, with a taco seasoning spice with onion and garlic (too spicy for me as it turned out).  So that’s the fish, onion and garlic part.

Then I had cucumber water (which wasn’t very good but was interesting to try once).

Since I didn’t want to cut up a huge melon, I got watermelon flavored water and dried cantaloupe for the melon part.

Then I had a leek-in-phyllo-dough pastry (made by the Fillo Factory, in the frozen aisle- you have to look for the party pack containing a bunch of other small dishes).  It was the best thing I had.

I just had a tiny dessert – a Fiber One mini-coffee cake.  I wasn’t really that hungry, since I had eaten a big lunch.

What about Shavout? Of course I had cheese blintzes- but I was pressed for time and wasn’t able to get a good brand, so I settled for Golden (mediocre but easy to get) and dumped date honey over them.

Since Ruth is constantly gleaning barley and giving it to her mother in law, I had barley mixed with cheese and onion pierogies; this was OK but a little too bland for me.  The spiced meat/barley dish I did a week or two ago worked better.

As a way of paying homage to the tradition some have of eating meat every Yom Tov, I had soy burgers and sausage, as well as sardines. 



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