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June 14, 2014 / conservadox

shabbat dinner

I am recovering from nasal surgery for a deviated spetum and so no wine for shabbos; if I had known before the surgery I couldn’t get wine I might have been tempted to get grape juice, but I’m really supposed to be on bed rest till the end of shabbos so I can’t go out of my way to get it; at any rate, grape juice is pretty acidic so I am not sure I am supposed to have it.

What’s the best thing to do in this situation?  I always thought one should make kiddush on another beverage; but my neighborhood rabbi actually says it is perfectly fine to just wash, then do kiddush on bread.

So what am I having?  Another theme shabbos; this week’s portion involved the “sin of the spies”.  Moses appointed some spies to check out the land of Israel; they found some pomegranates and figs (Num. 13:23), so I am having a bit of each, plus a Fig Newton cookie and some water mixed with pomegranate juice.

They also admit that Israel is the land “flowing with milk and honey” so I am having a few dairy dishes with date honey:

cheese blintzes (this time Frankel’s, not the mediocre Golden’s brand),

spinach/feta pastry puffs left over from Shavuout

cheese/onion pierogies,

and a kind of homemade dairy arepa: a corn cake made with half and half (why not pure milk?  Because milk comes in bigger packages than I really felt like wasting money on) and date honey.  Corn cakes turned out surprisingly well.

Also had hummus and choc ice cream because a well-meaning friend got some for me.  On the other hand, I have to admit I really should have gotten a bit more fiber, for reasons that you might guess.



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