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June 21, 2014 / conservadox

Shabbos dinner

This time I had a guest over again, so it was a bigger than usual (or necessary) meal.  It was themed based on the Torah portion to some extent.

Specifically, Aaron’s staff blossoms into almonds (Num. 18:23) so I had two salads with almonds:

kale w/almonds, tomato, avocado, pomegranate juice/olive oil dressing (OK)

almonds, split peas, barley, mixed with tomato paste and mustard (why split peas and barley?  Just because they were lying around).

And the rebels against Moses complain that he failed to bring them into a land of milk and honey (16:14) so

date honey/leben over salmon (not that effective, salmon isn’t very absorbent) and

for dessert, Skinny Cow ice cream bars mixed with date syrup (by the way, the bars themselves aren’t any good- you really need to find something to mix them with).

ALSO: corn cakes with chickpeas (leftover from an attempt at arepas- I was hoping to create a kind of falafel but my flour/chickpea ratio was so high that they wound up being more like pancakes)

tilapia with curry sauce (surprisingly good, since tilapia pretty cheap)

baked bananas (old standby I used to do more before I lived in NYC and got more meat focused)

brie/raspberry frozen bourekas (my guest really liked them, probably more than I did)


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