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July 14, 2014 / conservadox

the most austere shabbos meal yet

This weekend I was in the midwestern city I am moving to, looking for apartments. My new school was paying for a hotel room, which means I had to worry about electronic locks.  I decided to stay in the room until after mincha, so I could do the three shabbos meals without worrying about inadvertently locking myself out.

My dinner was not bad, except for one major hitch.  The challah rolls I brought with me turned out to have become moldy.  Yikes!

Fortunately, I had brought a focaccia from Pomegranate; I have learned from my neighborhood rabbi that although whole loaves are ideal for a Shabbos meal, cut-up bread is better than nothing.  So I treated the focaccia like a pull-apart challah, effectively making several pieces out of it, and said hamotzi on that.

I also had ready-to-eat ziti (don’t recommend- not terrible but not good enough for shabbos either), mackerel, dulce de leche rice cakes (OK but not as good as they sound), chocolate covered marzipan (quite good- I am developing a taste for marzipan).

For lunch I had more mackerel, more marzipan and chickpeas.  (My third meal was just the bread).

The next time I travel I will have to bring more food!



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