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August 3, 2014 / conservadox

shabbos dinner- first outside NYC

Because I arrived in my new city on Friday morning I didn’t have much time to be creative (even though I did a tiny bit of shopping along the way in Chicago, I was pretty limited by the necessity to avoid perishables).

Meal Mart pre-cooked ravioli

smoked salmon (easy to get even in places with a weak Jewish community)

sweet peas w/bbq sauce

dried lychee (got in NYC before leaving)

dark chocolate with orange peel (not as good as it sounds)

Edy’s caramel ice cream

Also had my first shul experience- walked 4 miles to Conservative shul (Orthodox shuls are even further- I live in highly suburbanized metro area, and since I’m there for only a year and plan to spend many shabboses out of town I am not going to torture myself in other ways to live in what passes for a Jewish neighborhood here).  It was so-so- people nice, rabbi’s sermon (summary: Hamas is bad) was pretty blah.  More people under 60 than I would expect from C shul.


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