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August 18, 2014 / conservadox

More on Ekev

In this week’s rather long Torah portion, one of the things Moses does is discuss some of the great things God has done for the Hebrews- for example, God “brought you water from a solid rock” (Deut. 8:15).

Scharfstein has an interesting scientific explanation of the “water from the rock” miracles.  He states that rain water trickles into soil, going down until it uncovers impermeable rocks.  At times, gravity causes the water to go below the rocks.  Scharfstein concludes by suggesting that where such rocks are “near the surface, water can be drawn by breaking or cracking the rock to release the water.”

In other words, its not literally true that rocks contain water; rather, the water is right below the rock, and when the rock is struck or cracked, the water that was always there becomes visible.


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