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November 8, 2014 / conservadox

Shabbat dinner

This was a parsha related dinner.

To start off, Abraham makes the angels “three seahs of choice flour” (Gen.18:6).  I’ve seen “choice flour” interpreted as white flour or semolina, so I had a little of both:

soft pretzels w/cinnamon sugar (frozen, easily available in stores)

semolina flour pancakes w/pears (because I had some lying around) and cream cheese (because 18:8 mentions “curds and milk”)

Also “curds and milk” (18:8) so a bit of dairy: pumpkin mixed with cream cheese (better than ordinary pumpkin!) and a bit of vanilla ice cream mixed with some of the cinnamon sugar

“a calf, tender and choice” (18:7)- obviously I couldn’t have real meat (unless I used fake dairy)* so I just had soy burgers and meatballs.

Also, because Lot’s wife turns into a pillar of salt in this parsha, I tried a recipe from Eating the Bible: diced potatoes encased in lots of salt.

*I think I probably could have had real dairy and just eaten beef afterwards, but that would have been a hassle, esp since I would have had to travel to suburbs to get beef, and also had to subsist on parve dessert.


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