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January 23, 2015 / conservadox

Shabbat dinner

This week’s Torah portion mentions the Passover sacrifice of unleavened bread with lamb (Exodus 12:8).  (Also bitter herbs, but I think I accidentally got radish instead of horseradish-Ibn Ezra says that there is an Egyptian custom of mustard as a bitter herb, so I am having that too).

So I am having matzoh for hamotzi instead of challah.

And because the portion includes the plague of locusts, in which the locusts ate “every green thing” (Ex 10:15) I am having a couple of green vegetables (cabbage and peas) .

Because the Jews plundered the Egyptians’ gold and silver (12:35) I am making a “gold and silver” salad of pumpkin and corn (gold) and herring (silver).

Finally, the Jews go to a land overflowing with “milk and honey” (12:5).  Since I have a meat meal I can’t use real milk, but am mixing almond milk and date syrup and freezing the mixture, to create a kind of “date ice”.  And for a more boring sweet I also have blueberry blintzes (which are kind of “gold” when cooked, see gold and silver reference above).IMG_00001123 IMG_00001125


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