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February 28, 2015 / conservadox

shabbat dinner

Because the Torah portion mentioned the priests wearing pomegranates (Exodus 28:33) I had a somewhat pomegranate themed meal: pomegranate yogurt, pomegranate juice to drink, pancakes made with pomegranate juice (not that good, I could barely taste the fruit), pomegranate sorbet (very interesting- made it with fudge mix and pomegranate juice, tasted just like regular sorbet).

pizza salmon (with feta sheep cheese, since the portion mentions sacrificing rams, 29:19, and pizza sauce to have something red since Aaron’s breastplate is scarlet, 28:15)

bread without yeast w/some oil (since the portion mentions unleavened cakes mixed with olive oil, 29:2)

blueberry purple cake (since the portion mentions that Aaron shall wear a purple/blue breastplate, 28:15)

Also BBQ salmon, for no particularly good reason

and oreo fudge mix with water (not as good as the pom juice version or last week’s goat milk version)



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