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April 9, 2015 / conservadox

Pesach dinner

I spent the first few days of Pesach in my parents’ hometown and this week living on canned sardines and nuts.  My last few meals should be a bit less austere, but still probably more austere than most: I didn’t want to be bothered with lots of cooking, so I covered up all my burners etc.  (I did get a crockpot but when I was immersing it in the mikveh* the main part of it shattered; I can still use the bottom layer to heat food for a few minutes but it is not safe to leave it on for 48 hrs.) .

But still I have plenty of cold food (some of which I will heat up using the remains of the crockpot and/or yom tov candles: corned beef, pastrami, mackerel, blueback salmon for meat, also nuts, bananas, avocado/ground walnut salad.  For dessert, chocolate marshmallows, cotton candy and vanilla icing.  Also I think there will be food at shul which should take care of Fri and Sat lunch if I am lucky.

*See here for an explanation of this mitzvah.

After the fact notes: I was unable to go to shul Saturday due to bizarre circumstances (charity run closing off several miles of a street that I couldn’t go into suburbs without crossing).  On positive side, it turns out that there is a spot in my apartment where, if I place food on the right table at the right time, the sun will warm them up just in time for lunch- worked today for marshmallows!


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