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May 31, 2015 / conservadox

weird dreams

I took a longer-than-usual shabbos nap and dreamt that my brother and sister in law had moved to Flatbush and it was about mincha time. First they weren’t sure what time it was.  I pointed out that there was a clock on the oven.  Then I said we maybe we should go to shul, and they asked where a shul was.  I said “In this neighborhood we can just walk around randomly and find a place.” I woke up and then went to mincha etc in real life. (but my brother stayed in bed).

This morning I had a much more bizarre dream but one that had nothing to do with religion.  I dreamed I bought a couple of guinea pigs but they wouldn’t stay in the cage.  Then a ferret came out of nowhere (this being a dream) and he wouldn’t either.  I discovered that there was a big hole at the bottom of the cage that they kept running out of.  Then the ferret started killing and eating a pigeon in a very gruesome way.   (PS I don’t have pets now but had guinea pigs in recent memory and once had a roommate with ferrets; I love them all).


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