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August 28, 2015 / conservadox

Shabbos dinner

After several weeks of traveling to see family members, I am in my new home town for good.  And happily, I have a Torah portion that challenges me to do interesting things with dinner.

Deut. 22:6 says that you shouldn’t take eggs and a mother bird at the same time.  So naturally I started to think of ways to combine chicken and eggs.  So:

Dish 1: Chicken sausage, chickpeas and diced tomatoes (because I had to had vegetables somewhere in the meal) with some sort of local “sandwich spread” sauce with egg in it

Dish 2: sesame chicken from local kosher market with hard-boiled egg whites (why not the yellow parts?  because I don’t like them).

Also, since the portion mentions silver-based fines for various things (e.g. Deut. 22:19) I thought I would have something silver, so I am starting the meal off with herring.

And corn cakes, because the portion says you shouldn’t use a sickle to cut your neighbor’s corn (23:26)

And for dessert: a parve donut, just because I saw it in the local kosher market and I’m not sure I have ever tried (or heard of) a parve donut.  Also a cookie I bought before seeing the donuts.

Coming attractions: next week’s parsha, which I just skimmed, mentions again and again and again that the Jews are coming back to the land of milk and honey.  So dairy it shall be!


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