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September 6, 2015 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

Because last week’s Torah portion repeatedly referred to the land of milk and honey (in the context of the first-fruits declaration, see Deut. 26) I thought I would have a dairy meal with lots of milk (OK, cheese).

So I had a blintz taste off with three different brands of blintzes: Spring Valley (mediocre), J&J (ditto) and Frankel’s (a bit better).  (Actually there are a couple of other types available where I live, but I thought that would be overdoing it- I’ll do the other two on another shabbos).    I also used sugar free date honey because I’d never seen it before- kind of a mistake though, the sugary kind is much better!

Also fresh figs mixed with honey

Torino chocolates

Manicotti with tomato sauce (for some non-honeyed milk!)

Mackerel with sauerkraut and hoisin sauce (odd combination but good)

I also made black beans with fritos but could barely eat any of it- I had lots of leftovers especially since I went out to lunch.  I’ve been in Pgh for four shabboses and haven’t had lunch at home for any of them because I go to shul and people have me over


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