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September 25, 2015 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

In this week’s portion there are a few food mentions:

“He kept him as the apple of His eye” [and] “made him to suck honey out of the crag” (Deut. 32:9, 13).

So its apples and honey again.  But to make it more interesting am having apple blintzes, not just apples (because I had my fill of apples Rosh Hashanah).

“Curd of kine, and milk of sheep.”  Sheep milk cheese of course.  In particular I’ll have a pizza bialy with said cheese and a vegetarian cheeseburger with same.  And for the cow’s milk part (“curd of kine”) some cheese blintzes (this time, Tuuv Tam- probably the second best, behind Frankel’s, of the five frozen blintz brands I have tried in Pgh).

Also mackerel and sauerkraut with tikka masala sauce, just to have something more protein-y.  And pumpkin pudding (because its a new flavor of instant pudding I saw on the shelf so I couldn’t help myself, had to try it).


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