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October 30, 2015 / conservadox

Shabbat dinner

In this week’s portion, Abraham gives some angels cakes with “fine flour”, a calf, and some sort of dairy dish- the translations and commentaries I’ve seen refer to cottage cheese and labneh.  (Gen. 18:6-8).  Obviously I couldn’t have a calf, but I figured I would do the next best thing by having soy beef.

So: soy beef tips

laffa bread (my idea of “fine flour”) with cottage cheese and tomato sauce, for a kind of pizza roll

ditto but with labneh

a bit of chocolate cake with a bit of a candy bar mixed in

cheese pierogies (just because I felt like it)

mushrooms w/sesame garlic sauce (because I felt like I should have something resembling a fruit or vegetable, and the salad I had purchased a few days ago was going bad).


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