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February 8, 2016 / conservadox

shabbos without wine

How do you make shabbos in a non-kosher house with no kosher wine/grape juice, and no kosher utensils (other than kleenex)?  I found out Friday night.

When I go to my home town, I usually spend shabbos with my brother’s family (which is roughly as observant as I am).  But I threw up in mom’s car a couple of hours before shabbos, and my brother’s family understandably did not want to be infected by whatever bug I was carrying.  So it was off to bed for shabbos.

Candle lighting wasn’t a problem: I know the drill from staying in hotel rooms.  I lit up one lamp plus a family flashlight.

Fortunately, I did have matzoh.  So shabbos dinner was matzoh, and I said kiddush over the matzoh (because when there is no wine that’s what you do on Friday night).  (Halachic details at this Aish Hatorah site)* Thankfully, I was able to keep the matzoh down, because by then the worst of the sickness had passed.

Even though I’m not picky about such things during the week, I didn’t feel comfortable using mom’s non kosher cutlery on Shabbos and didn’t want to bother mom by asking her to look for paper ones, so I turned some kleenex into a de facto plate.

Same deal for Shabbos lunch, except you do have to use a liquid other than water for kiddush (as the abovementioned Aish site notes).  So I found a tea bag and made (dreadful) tea, then more matzoh.   Ditto for the third meal and havdalah (though I used almond milk for havdalah because I was sick of tea).

So now I can eat again- plus one adventure, though I was sorry to have to miss a full day of kiddush for the first day since my dad died.  At least I made it through shloshim.


*I note that the site says one thing that, although not technically wrong, is misleading.  They use the term “challah” which in context obviously means any bread.  But a casual reader could misinterpet the term to mean that only the braided bread often used by Ashkenazi Jews is OK, since most people use the word “challah” that way in modern America.  However, any bread is OK).



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