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February 19, 2016 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

This week’s portion is another Mishkan portion, which means another color-coded meal.  Also, I had some good job news (probably going back to NYC next yr after all) which means I wanted to do something celebratory- since I learned about it late enough that I already had a dairy meal planned, I thought I would just have lots of sweets.


Aaron’s ephod (Exodus 28:6) is gold, blue, purple, and red, so

bbq salmon (red)

miniature yellow cake with purple icing (purple)

and a similar mini- cake with blueberries (blue)

pumpkin/herring salad (gold- also I forgot that the parsha doesn’t mention silver so I had something silvery)

Aaron wears pomegranates on his robes (28:33), so pomegranate juice to drink and also I experimented with pomegranate egg cream

matzoh pizza (because matzoh part of the offering to sanctify kohanim, 29:2)

cheese blintzes (to have something else golden and just because I like them)

also for no reason at all-

farro with lentils (leftover from last night)

some sort of low sugar ice cream from a frummy place in Brooklyn




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