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March 22, 2016 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Tzav

This week’s Torah portion, like last week’s, focuses on the details of sacrifices.  Arama’s commentary (at least as translated by Munk) mostly discusses prayer for some reason, but he does have a tiny bit to say about sacrifices generally.

He suggests that because God needed the prophets to rebuke Jews for their erroneous views about the meaning of sacrifices, perhaps God’s plans had misfired.  The purpose of the sacrifices was to make Jews closer to God, and apparently this purpose was not met.

How can this idea be squared with the idea of an all-knowing divinity giving wise commandments?  Arama writes that God’s plans are “long range and comprehensive.”  In other words, sacrifices didn’t work well in the short run, but they led to prayers, which in turn led to our presumably better status quo.


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