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April 10, 2016 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Metzora

The Arama commentary only has three pages on this coming week’s Torah portion.  Since the plain meaning of the portion (about skin diseases) is pretty dry, the Talmud created midrashim suggesting that these skin diseases were due to lashon hara (gossip) which of course gives Arama a reason to go on and on about the abuses of speech.

He notes that when a victim of these diseases is purified. he/she must offer sacrifice two birds.  Arama writes that “The reason that two birds have to be offered is because speech is basically welcome only for two purposes: (a) to study and teach Torah, b) to earn one livelihood”- a farfetched midrash on a farfetched midrash.

And like many farfetched ideas, this seems a bit unhinged from reality.  We build relationships by talking, and not just about work or abstract intellectual topics.


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