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May 2, 2016 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Acharei Mot

This week’s Torah portion reminds us not to eat blood (Lev. 17:12) and yet blood is constantly being sprinkled around during sacrifices.  So its not that blood is completely impure- so what’s really going on here?

Arama writes that blood represents an animal’s personality, and so by pouring out blood on the altar, a Jew was dedicating the animal’s personality, and thus his or her own personality, to God.  Of course, this all makes sense only if you buy his assumption that blood = personality, which seems a bit arbitrary.

Having said that, the blood restriction seems to be a part of a pattern.  Jews are prohibited from using wool and linen together, but the priests’ uniforms combine wool and linen.  As with the blood prohibition, something generally prohibited is allowed for sacred use.  Maybe the broader idea here is to have some sort of distinction between the sacred and the mundane, whether the sacred item be animal blood or wool/linen mixtures.


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