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June 19, 2016 / conservadox

Kalispell nightmare

I dreamt last night(or really this morning) that I was on a Greyhound bus through Montana, and that our final stop was in Kalispell, Montana (where I have never been).

In Kalispell I suddenly realized that I hadn’t made arrangements to go anyplace else.  I also realized that I needed to be someplace else by sunset so I could say kaddish for my father (who died in January).  I started to panic, and then to make matters worse my laptop ran out of power.  Before I could stop going crazy,I woke up.

By an odd coincidence, I was almost unable to say kaddish Tuesday.  I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan and because I had misread a shul website (mistaking an evening minyan for a morning minyan) I hadn’t realized before going there that there was no morning minyan in the town, at least not during summers (it is a college town).  I am spending most of the summer in my home town; the last minyan was at 9:45 PM and my flight arrived just before 8.  I barely made the evening minyan!


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